Think of emotions – what comes first to mind? Perhaps joy, anger, fear, surprise, or love. Indeed, these are some of the emotions we are all familiar with. But our repertoire does not end there; it includes many more experiences that can be positive, negative, or a bit of both: Admiration, relief, contempt, anxiety, pride, hope, and many more. In fact, there are more than 60 different human emotions, each with unique qualities and experiences.
The Emotion Dinner by Pieter Desmet and Eline Wieland celebrates the plentiful manifestations of all emotions from the human repertoire. What is the taste of love, the texture of sadness, the fragrance of hope, or the colour of anger?
The Emotion Dinner is an ongoing series, in which each edition focuses on a different emotion. Each course is inspired by the emotion of the evening. For every course, one guest brings ‘something’ to share: a story, a poem, music, or any other personal experience, as long as it connects to the emotion of the evening. By paying homage to our emotions, the Emotion Dinner aims to offer an evening of affection, gentleness, and inspiration.
Up next: Shame (2024)
Joy 2023 (March)
Hope 2022 (April)
Inspiration - Jura dinner 2022 (April)
Round Feather Academy 2018​​​​​​​ (January)
Fear 2018​​​​​​​ (January) 
Sadness 2016 (November)
Anger 2015 (December)
Love 2015 (September) 

“The first edition of the Emotion Dinner was a rare, magical and magnificent evening that covered all the refined tones of love ....
Such beautiful people, such absurdly beautiful dishes, such touching stories.
And how wonderful that I could be part of that experience.”

“This was the most extraordinary dinner I have ever experienced in my life.”

“Apart from feeling love, at moments I felt moved, astonished, surprised, and inspired....
Once again: a plate filled with thanks for everyone! “

“Thank you very much for this exceptional experience. This may be regular for you guys, but for me it was very special. Everything was perfect: the food, the flavours, the theme, the people, the layout of the table, and etcetera and etcetera. I have relished it. Super cool that I was allowed to be part of it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am certain that with this initiative you make people very happy.”

“Magnificent evening and delicious food –exceptional. Thank you guys, thank you very much!”

“Homage to Pieter and Eline; for the joy of sharing sadness, and a wonderful meal."

"Thank you for sharing all your very personal stories ... I still think about them many times.
And thanks once again to Pieter and Eline for unravelling and culinary translating Sadness in eight volumes ...”

“An once in a lifetime experience that brings you not only closer to yourself and what you feel, but also closer to the people you experience it with.”

“I experienced the emotion dinner as a roller coaster, where every upcoming twist (inspiration) or looping (sadness) was unknown and where I got off from with a deeper connection with my fellow participants and a very special memory to cherish.”

 “It was one of the best dinner experiences I’ve ever had - I’ll remember it until the day I die. It connected me to random people through delicious, creative food and what makes us human. I hope anyone who wants to experience humanity takes a bite and shares their life”

“It was a very memorable experience!”

“For me personally, the Emotion Dinner was a highlight of the academy; I treasure the memory”

"Thank you very much for such an inspiring evening, with beautiful food, original presentation and excellent content! And as an aside, it was without doubt the best whisky food pairing dinner I’ve attended (and I’ve been to many :)). There were certainly lots of good emotions and inspirations for me to use in both my work and personal life.
Best wishes for the future and I hope your next dinner is as exceptional as the last one!"
For more information, or an informal conversation, about the Emotion Dinner initiative, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!