MANYFACTS life in the 3d city
a unique combination of dance, architecture and computer graphics
Choreographer/artisctic director Ed Wubbe's creates with architect Winy Maas an extraordinary dance fantasy set in a virtual city of the future. This city is developed by the Rotterdam firm of architects MVRDV, famous for designing, among other things, the Holland Pavilion at Hannover Expo 2000.
For a whole year MVRDV worked on a cubeshaped city measuring five by five by five kilometres, in which a million people have to be able to live, work and play.
This city is brought to life on gigantic screens through dynamic computer simulations by computer graphics designers Wieland & Gouwens.
In this fascinating setting, Wubbe and his entire company of dancers bring this virtual city to life. By experimenting with constantly changing formations and forms of movement and with a soundscape designed by himself and Michiel Jansen, Wubbe explores the interaction between people and their environment.

Organised as part of Rotterdam 2001 Cultural Capital of Europe will the Rotterdamse Schouwburg be the exclusive stage of this world primeur 
for no less than 18 performances.
première: Friday 5 October 2001, Rotterdamse Schouwburg

MOOIS #197 13-10-01 Manyfacts