​​​​​​​H2O worlds diving into virtual extension. On both the surface of the wave-floor and the interior polycarbonate skin of the sensorium you are immersed in the projections of a series of virtual worlds they all depict different perceptions of water and fluidity the worlds are generated by two sgi o2 computers and projected by 6 1000 lumen high-resolution data projectors through small openings in the transparent skin the worlds are navigated by the public through an interface which is merged into one loop of the hydra the six worlds are: 
1) ice _ the navigator moves slowly in between even slower sliding icy masses 
2) h2o _ swarms of h2o molecules at three different speeds _ the navigator travels with the swarm and try to ride on one of the molecules 
3) life _ intelligent sea creatures float in a virtual sea _ some of them are very shy 
4) blob _ a fluid mass elastic like chewing-gum is constantly deforming while the navigator floats around and through it 
5) flow _ the navigator is captured in the flow of a whirlpool _ the only way is to go with the flow 
6) morphe _ two slowly shaping skyscapes capture the navigator _ because of the extreme wide-angle view the clouds seem to rush by 
The virtual worlds are direct extensions of the physical building

Mix, Morph, Flow world

Blob, Ice, H20 world

Client: Waterland bv Neeltje Jans 
Research / Design: Oosterhuis, Kas Oosterhuis
Design VR Worlds: Wieland&Gouwens 
VR: Green Dino